Monday, May 30, 2011

Dr.Mannil Mohan, a Gem of SPL.

I went to meet Mannil Mohan sir a month before I joined SPL to seek suggestion and clarification regarding my joining in SPL. 
Dr.M.Mohan, cleared most of my anxiety and prejudice in less than 5 min.
It gave me courage to take up the new assignment with ISRO Fellowship leaving behind the CSIR Fellowship.
I thank him specially for the lucid advise.

After joining SPL, Mohan sir was pivotal in allotting me to work with my guide and mentor Dr.K.Rajeev. 

During scientific talks, lectures and seminars the programme often becomes dynamic with his discussions, thought provoking queries and imaginations. 

It was him who made me think that atmosphere is like a complex 'Rubik's cube' which has many components and is difficult to arrange the components and solve them in the first sight. 

In the past 3.5 yrs associateship with him in SPL, I found him to be a simple, humble, soft, loving and caring person with high spirit of Scientific pursuit  and radiating out his knowledge to the surroundings. 

....... basic Physics to the depths of Plasma physics,
....... Atmospheric science to Quantum mechanics,
....... Newton to Einstein to Raman,
....... scattering to dispersion,
....... oceans, clouds and aerosols,
....... Boundary layer to moon, mars and beyond,
....... Solitary waves to EPR-Paradox,
genius in him gleams ......

Edison is right, 'Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration',
......... we have Dr.M.Mohan in SPL.

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