Monday, June 4, 2012

On the new assignment of Dr.Meenu

Today, my senior Dr.Meenu S has relieved her duties here in SPL and is getting ready to enter the noblest profession as a teacher to kindle the light of knowledge to  many pupils.

It is heartening to know that she is supposed to stand in the podium very familiar to her.....,
......campus very familiar to her.....

....... in the same college, 
.......... in the same class,
............... where she graduated. 
  • As a Gem of SPL, she has evolved into a sought after person in the area of Cloud Remote Sensing using Satellites.
  • Author of many important papers.
  • An expert with simplicity and hard working nature often made her popular.

 .... Wishing my wonderful Senior  Dr.Meenu great times ahead in her new assignment as a Lecturer in our Alma mater 

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