Monday, January 10, 2011

Forward Trajectory of Bijoy ........

Pramod use to comment ....

   "Bijoy is not a just a person....
.... he is a phenomenon"

Yes, this young man from Ernakulam has left impressions where ever he has been ...
Be it for Masters in CUSAT or MTech in BITS or PhD in SPL....
.... and now he has taken a forward trajectory to LMD, France for a PDF assignment.

He has a handful of feathers in his scientific cap.
Bijoy V Thampi a/s BVT a/s Thampi., B.V more popularly known as Brittoli has carried out substantial research work on Aerosols and their vertical distributions, Cirrus clouds and stratosphere troposphere exchange.....  He has authored a couple of papers in reputed Int'l journals.

His Thesis is a pretty big stuff. It has enough material to be made into 2 Thesis.

His presynopsis took a full day....!!!

My association with BVT grew after I joined in SPL with Dr.Rajeev.
We were team members in CW-Lidar and Micopulse Lidar observations.

I remember how carefully and systematically he demonstrated how to operate the CWL, the precautions to be taken, adjusting the Laser energy, controlling the temperature, setting the angle of beam and taking the observations....

During our overnight observations many nights we had operated the MPL and gathered data. It was jovial and cordial to work with him.
On many occasions I felt his caring nature like an elder brother.

It is a public secret about Bijoy that he is an admirer of food. He likes to taste variety of food .... but doesn't gulp in volume. His style of eating ... is also famous.
When Bijoy felt his weight was increasing, he started Swimming... 
(how long could he continue it ...??)

'No care' nature plus his 'casual' attitude is also infamous among friends.
Almost always, he used to keep ID card in tag around his neck and puts it in his pocket... (It was a consistent observational feature).
During our train journey, I found that he had the ID card around his neck throughout  ....

On the lighter side, few of his friends remarks..... Bijoy hasn't ever washed his bike or his jeans... He had got a white bag from a symposium.... later on that bag became dark brown.... (now u can guess...)

He is an avid admirer of Downloading films and music ......
English and Hindi movies occupy a big position in his life.
According to his friends, his frequency of watching movies shows a pattern like this.....

During the MPL observations a day before his send off, he was found to be a sentimental atleast for some time...
With a puff of smoke, he commented 'aah! this may be the smoke I produce last here for overnight observation.....'

Now that he has moved to greener pastures for establishing his scientific career,
I join all his friends and well wishers to wish him 'more accomplishment in his professional and personal life'.


  1. Great Job, friend. Its wonderful.

  2. Amazing, Anish.
    And all the best BIJOY. I am sure i shall be able to see the smoke that u will generate in France, right here in India....All the best man...Bijoy does rock.

    Of course Anish, i wud like to add a sentence or two on the human relations aspect of Bijoy.
    "He is a one man army who never ever says no to help anyone, anyone i mean really anyone. Hats off man."

  3. @Marina @Liji @Swain
    Thank you for appreciation.

    Yes, his smoke will take a trajectory
    to India. Let's hope the subtropical westerly Jet
    will carry it around the globe.

    What u said is right...
    Bijoy is indeed a helping personality.

  4. Anishe kalakki....good job.. realistic graph and fantastic photos

  5. Bijoy is getting married on 19 Aug 2012, Sunday...
    Let us all wish
    Bijoy & Chanchal
    a happy & thrilling journey ahead....