Friday, November 26, 2010

Dynamic Deb....

Debadutta Swain popularly known as 'Deb' and 'Deba' among friends has moved away from SPL to NRSC.
Dr.Debadutta Swain

I remember the day I met him for the first time. March 7, 2007 early morning in Tirupati Railway station along with Denny, Radha and Bijoy.
Introducing Deba to me, Denny humorously commented 'He is Debadutta. Though he looks small, he is a Scientist in SPL and we are all JRFs there,
ഇവന്‍ ആളൊരു പുലിയാ കേട്ടോ ......?'
During the training school, we became friends. 
Deba & me

On second day evening, I met with a small accident and bruised my leg. 
Pain + Vampire mosquitoes caused lots of trouble.
When he came to know about the accident, he came to me and enquired about my health. I understood that he is caring and affectionate to other human beings.

We maintained our friendship through orkut. When I joined SPL in the later part of the year, he welcomed me to SPL. He asked me to join the community 'Gems of SPL' 

At SPL we had many scientific interactions and many times tried out Matlab as well as GrADS scripts.  We had many chit-chats and informal interactions. I felt Deba to be cent percent trustworthy and he always keeps his words. He shows affection, feeling and good regard to others.

Eventhough Deb was in Kerala for few years, he hasn't learned Malayalam well...

As an avid Oceanographer, his contributions to ocean wave modelling has been widely recognised.... no doubt why he was applauded by the Defence ministry. 
Deba onboard Ship during a cruise.

Cruise fascinates Deba as well as travel and exporation.... 
Really Dr.Deba is adventurous in work, leisure as well as in cooking.
More fotos can be seen at
............experiment in progress

Deba's love for his Blazing Red -Cheverolet Spark is a known fact.
He drives carefully.....  but.....  others dosen't always...!!
Just few days before Deba's scheduled departure from SPL,
a lorry hit his Chevy and fled away.....
By God's grace, Deba wasn't injured....  The shock and momentum caused a sprain and pain to his body..... 
He had to reschedule his travel plans......
Deba and Chevy

Deb has a very big friend circle with diverse type of people....
He maintains the chain unbroken.

His philosophy to life is worth mentioning....
He follows Sai Baba words, 'being a good example is the best form of service'
Yes, indeed he is ......!

When Deb didn't feel like going away from God's own land, he received the transfer order.

He penned a poem right from the bottom of his heart.
listen to what his heart couldn't tell....

At heart, I am too good really;
But at tongue, very bad frequently.
                   I control my speech generally;
                   But I also slip my tongue obviously.
For what I speak I frequently repent;
But can never express what I meant.
                   My eyes, of course, sometimes do express
                   Which cannot be seen but in darkness.
What is the use of any such act?
That can’t be expressed as open fact!
                   Through my life I tried to improve;
                    Remaining part is too short to prove.
With My hands on my chin,
A smile on My lips,
Tears in My eyes,
I myself get often confused.
                   So sincerely do I request,
                   If you wish to know me best;
                   Bother not to know why I should mell,
                   Listen only to what my heart cannot tell. 
**********************   Deb      ***********

New chapter of his life has unfurled in Hyderabad now....
Lots of things to do....
   Lot more to accomplish.....
       Let me wish him all success and accomplishments in his personal & professional life.....

Deba, missing you in SPL.


  1. Debaa....Wish you all the best...Hope you remember me also....

  2. Wonderful collection Dude!!liked ur way..n missed deb in SPL

  3. It is well written and for sure Deba is really missed around here in SPL...