Friday, August 27, 2010

Onam Celebrations @ SPL 2010.

Mahabali visited SPL too......

Onam was celebrated in SPL on 20th Aug.,2010.

It was a simple but beautiful event to welcome the home coming of the legendary King 'Mahabali'.
The whole function was a team effort....
The main attraction of the day was the "atham" which was beautifully carpeted in the portico.

Atham -- small and beautiful!!!!!

It was designed and decorated mainly by the team Neha, Dhanya, Pramod and Neethu with the background support of many RFs, RAs.

The small lamps around the circumference glowed gracefully radially outwards showering the warmth and happiness of Onam in all directions.

The 'nilavilakku' filled SPL with the light of wisdom.

The celebrations were kindled by Dr.K.Krishnamoorthy, Director, SPL by lighting the traditional lamp and delivering the Onam Message.

Onam Song 'maveli naadu vaanidum kaalam......'
was well sung by the group led by Ambili in a coordinated tone which reminded us of the reign of maveli and taking all malayalees memories back to childhood....

Then followed Onam messages by Dr.K.Parameswaran ; Dr.Anil Bharadwaj.
Dr.Anil's experiences on a thiruvonam day cracked laughter among the gathering...

Then followed a tasty Payasamela. Upperi and Chips gave it a grandeaur.
Meanwhile, Onam songs including 'vanchi-paatu', 'thumbi-paatu', famous Onam Album were played .....

Compering for the whole event was pleasantly run  by Asha & Arya in Malayalam and English.

Majority of the ladies dressed in the traditional Saree-Mundu-Neriyathu to celebrate the auspisious occassion.

Few men turned out in the traditional Dhothi-Shirt combination.

After the function, there was the Onam Sadhya.

Overall, SPL Onam was quite different, better and attractive as compared to previous years.....

Mahabali who visited SPL liked the energy level of gems of SPL ......
He understood.... SPL is highly energised, always.... all the ways...!!!
...... while returning back to patala, he assured .... 'I'll come again next year....'!

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  1. Nice to see the colorful onam celebrations. Very similar to what we do in our office too!!