Sunday, April 26, 2009

Silver Jubilee Celebrations in SPL

The Silver Jubilee Celebrations of our Lab was held on
24 & 25 Apr, 2009 @ VSSC.

Just few scraps & monologue about the Function.

          Silver jubilee celebrations were great..!

   They were well planned, aptly organised, and neatly executed in team spirit.

   Former staff, alumini, may distinguished people took part in the celebration.
ISRO Chairman inaugurated the ceremony and 2 day symposium. Centre Directors, other Directors, DDs and many others turned up...

   SPL was earlier SPD--> SPace Physics Division.

   The founder director of SPL , the second director and ourpresent director, were all extremely happy and ovwewhelmed.....

   Those who worked for more than 25 years in SPD/SPL were given a memento with a Big Silver design having SPL-25 years engraved on it.

   It was an opportunity for youngsters like us to understand the evolution of  SPD to SPL....

   It was also a unique opportunity to interact with the former staff & architects of this organisation.

   We could also understand the pain, efforts and story behind the development of Many Radars, Lidars, Campaigns etc.

   Overall it can be briefed  that....
" was a merge of Past, Present and Future of Space Physics Laboratory".

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